Sunday, September 30, 2012

One month old....

I can't believe how fast it's going. It seems like time is slipping by. He's 6 weeks already..but as usual...I'm behind. He's growing like a you can see in the picture :)

He's such a good baby. He eats at least every 2 hours...but lately he's stretching some of them to 3 hours during the day. We feel like we're getting a little more sleep at night...but I would seriously love a 5 hour stretch right about now. Amazing how little sleep you can actually function on. Coffee is truly my bestie these days. We tried the miracle blanket with him again, and he's liking it now...thank goodness. Ellie LOVED that thing and was so helpful for putting her to sleep...and it's working it's magic on Riley now too. But one big difference....he is already able to wiggle out of it...he's a little Houdini :) Helps that he's almost 12 lbs too!! Ellie called him "squirmy wormy" when I was pregnant with him...and I have to say...the shoe fits!! He's constantly wiggling his little legs and arms. I think he's going to be one active little boy!!

I'm feeling c-section incision has healed nicely...and I go in for my check up this coming week. I have to say...recovery from this one was much better. I felt more like myself a lot faster this the pregnancy weight melted off right away. Can't ask for much more!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yes...I'm alive :)

He's here!! And he's almost a month old already!! Wow...time sure does get away from ya now doesn't it? He arrived safely on our scheduled c-section day..August 17th at 8:03 am. He was a big guy...weighing in at an impressive 9lbs 8oz and 20.5 inches long!! We were floored he was that big!! Had no idea...and we were all guessing around the 8 pound he had us fooled :)

Transitioning to life with 2 is going well so far. It helped that we had Grammie C with us for a whole month. It's only been a few days without her...and it feels like forever since she was here. Come back Grammie!! Ellie is in love with her brother and is such a big helper. We haven't seen any signs of jealousy or anything so that's good. She just really wants to help with everything...and right now I can use the help :)

His delivery was much better than Ellie's. I was really afraid of freaking out in the OR...but I kept focusing on my breathing and that's what got me through. The spinal block was really weird...and I felt really yucky for a good 5 minutes after they put it in...but then that went away and I tried to just focus on the end result. The dr did put up a mirror so I could see them pull him out and it was amazing...the best part of all of it. As soon as everyone saw his head they were all's a big baby!! Lol..guess they were right :) Recovery from the c-section this time is going well...I was up and moving around that night..and have only had to take ibuprofen for the pain. Recovering at home is much better this time too...thank goodness.

Here's some pics I took of him when he was 7 days old...

As you can see...she's a very proud big sister!!!
I can't wait to post info next week on his 1 month checkup...fingers crossed he's gaining weight well. Nursing is going along splendidly...and he's a hearty eater. Sometimes I feel like I can't fill him up....and I'm guessing I better just get used to that's preparing me for the pre-teen/teenage years :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Oh my....

It's July. And I skipped ALL of June. Ooops. What can I say...I'm busy cooking a baby :) Lol. Heading into 33 weeks this week...and I can officially say...our baby will be born next month. Holy. Cow. Next month. That sounds really scary...and makes me want to start cleaning like a mad woman!! I think the nesting has started already. I made E help me organize all her craft/crayons/coloring books today. We got that all organized...and I'm just itching to get into our hall closet and start throwing away all sorts of stuff. It's amazing how much you accumulate over the years. The more I realize it...the better. I try to go through old clothes each season and toss out...and I think I do a pretty good job of managing that. The problem I have is the clutter monster. Things just pile up in different places. The mail pile is my nemesis. We really need a better system of organizing the mail...and I feel like I need to get something in place before baby boy gets here....and all heck breaks loose!!

I'm into my second month of planning a whole month's menu in advance...and I have to say...I love it. It helps to plan stuff way ahead of time...and I know it's going to help once the baby is here. Oh that reminds me...I should probably start working on August's menu right now...while I still have my wits about me :) I just make a list of all the ingredients I will need for that month...and highlight which ones I need to get each week. I wish I could do all my grocery shopping in one big trip for the month...but that's just insane. I like fresh produce..and I just have to do it once a week. I'm trying to get our food budget down too....because it's...quite frankly....ridiculous how much we spend on food each month. It's not like we're buying junk...cuz junk food is cheap...we're buying fresh organic produce from Whole Foods...and that adds up fast. The nice thing about summer is the local farmers we'll be taking advantage of that :)

Anywhoo....feeling good overall...just hot hot hot all the time. As soon as I step outside I start swearing...err...sweating...and it doesn't stop until I get back home. E enjoyed her 2 weeks of entry level swimming lessons...and so did I!! I got to be in the water with that was a great way to cool off for a couple weeks. The instructor would have us sit on the side and stick our feet in to get used to the cooler water temperature...but inside I was just like..."let me jump in already!!" Lol. We went ahead and got a family membership to the pool so E & I will be going again this week to practice everything she learned :)

Not much else going on for us....just taking it day by day. Everything is looking good with baby boy...and he's growing like a weed in there. He is that explains why i feel kicks down my legs instead of rib kicks...and I doubt he'll get himself turned around the right way. Since we're having a scheduled c-section it doesn't really matter...except they'll probably pull him out feet first :) I'm glad our dr. has to do that and not me :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It's May...and the last time I blogged was the end of March. Ouch! Sorry folks...this is what happens when life happens :) Tomorrow marks 26 weeks...and this little guy is a mover and shaker. I don't ever remember E kicking like this. Is it because it's been so long...or is it because it's a boy this time..and his kicks are just more forceful? I don't remember seeing my whole belly move like this until the end with E...and he does this all the time. I guess we'll soon find out. He also likes to kick and punch around that doesn't bode well for us....

We're plugging away with getting everything ready. The shared room painting is 90% done...just need M to finish one tiny bit of pink wall that's left...and we're good. We need to get letters to spell out both of the kids names above their beds...and we need to get some blue/green/yellow bedding for the cradle he'll be sleeping in right away. Other than that stuff...we're pretty well set. It's so good we went gender neutral on the big things like the car seat, swing and bouncy seat. I can't imagine buying all new of that stuff.

I get heartburn pretty much at the drop of a hat these days. If I bend over...I get heartburn. If I even look at a tomato..I get heartburn. So Zantac 75 and Tums are my best friends these days. I am super sensitive to smells still. That's been a constant with this whole pregnancy. I don't ever remember being this sensitive with E....I gag pretty much every day when I have to wipe someone's tushy after she's went potty...and if the dog has been outside and has that "outside" smell....that makes me gag too. Weird I know. I wish I could explain it...but I can't. I had a really weird dream the other night....dreamt I was present for someone else's birth of their baby...and the baby came out with 4 teeth...and they were like fangs. So weird...and totally freaked me out that now our little guy is going to be born with teeth. Lord help us if we are!!! LOL.

Not too much else going on....glad I got on and updated. We'll keep you posted on all the happenings here :) Hugs!!